Kanye West Sets Thousands of inmates free at the Harris County Jail in Houston, Texas, on Friday

Kanye stormed the jailhouse with his massive choir and set thousands of male and female inmates free with the gospel music

It was an emotional and spiritual moment with goosebumps and tears for the male and female inmates who were treated to a surprise show.

Kanye West, the 42 years old American rapper who has won 21 awards which includes Grammy award recently underwent a spiritual transformation, while so many people feel it’s just another celebrity stunt to get media attention and more followership.

He released a new album “Jesus is King” on 25th October 2019, which has bits of the Lord’s prayer. Now we shouldn’t be shocked because in 2004 he released a Christian single “Jesus Walks” and some artist has released some Christian music thanking God for his blessing and love for example in 2008, The Dream made a single “My Life” featuring Lil Wayne.

Since the beginning of 2019, West has spent each Sunday leading pop-up church services called Sunday Service. Sunday Service is music-focused, featuring a choir singing gospel covers of various songs both by West and by others, and also includes occasional informal prayers.

But On 15th October, Kanye took his spiritual transformation and his album “Jesus is king” to a whole new level. The rap star visited the Harris County Jail in Houston, he literally took his Sunday Service show to Houston jail.

He performed two separate sets, one for male inmates and one for female inmates as thousands of them who weren’t informed of his coming, with only a select few comprising of law enforcement officers and security guards being aware, turned up for the epic performance.

Rapper set up the performance himself on Wednesday, according to law enforcement sources and was pictured with Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez while at the prison, and the elected official tweeted out his thanks for the August visit to the inmates.

 He had some words for his fans and followers, Kanye says “The greatest artist God has ever made is now working for Him. Jesus Christ is the real superstar”.

Watch the video below:

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