Have you ever been faced with rejections from record labels and music managers, you became frustrated, and even started doubting your musical talent?

Then maybe it’s time you released your own album yourself. Don’t get it twisted, self-releasing your album is a great way to get yourself out there but don’t for one second think that it’s a walk in the park.

There are a lot of obstacles to face, and we are glad to walk you through the challenges you are likely to face as you embark on this jolly good ride…

Production Cost – Oh Yes! This is the very first giant you will have to slay, and without the support of a record label to handle the costs and distribution with the manufacturing companies, you are likely to slay it on your own!  Producing an album isn’t cheap, and if you are not a known artist, manufacturers won’t readily offer credit services to you. Luckily, sites like CeFlix Tunes, cdbaby, etc offer amazing deals to stream and release your music and album without hassles.

Distribution – Online distribution is the way to go and streaming services like CeFlix Tunes, Amazon Music, boomplay, Apple Music, etc, offer distribution services with fair enough royalties and even free services as in the case with CeFlix Tunes. You can get the best deals from these platforms to push your music and send them out to the global audience and music stores.

Promotion – Hiring a PR company is a sure bet, but you might not have such a budget as an independent artist. Your next option is to pair yourself up with a platform that offers such services and are affordable. CeFlix Tunes offers aggressive promotional services and even has a Non-Stop music channel that you can get unlimited 24/7 airplay for your song.

Start Right

This is probably your first rodeo and you don’t have any form of press coverage or fans. Begin small! Create a website if you don’t already have one or create a blog, like it be like your Head Quarters where fans and labels can find you. If you don’t know how to do it, join a streaming platform and let them create a profile for you. Streaming services like boomplay, iTunes, CeFlix Tunes, etc, offer these services.

Remember, don’t stop writing and making good music, the next hit is one song away.

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By Kingdavid