How To Get Your Songs On A Radio playlist

As an artist, your dream is to get your music played on the radio because radio stations still control a very large number of listeners and fans even in today’s world where access to music, live streaming, and songs on demand, are as easy as owning a Smartphone.

Getting your song on the airways and securing a spot on a radio playlist might look or sound easy, but in reality, it is not as easy as it sounds, especially for low budget independent artists outside a major record label.

There are basic steps to undertake before you decide to go full blast on your radio promotions and plans, especially if you want to tune into your favorite radio station and hear your music playing on the stereo system.

How to Put Your Songs On Air:;

  • Know Your Contact

Search the website on Google, or get the contact of the DJ, station’s producer or music director, it’s difficult in some cases, nevertheless, go at it the old fashioned way, go there live and simply ask.

  • Know how to get your music on the platform

DJs and stations have a particular format they receive submissions and demos, most prefer digital format. Make researches to find out what the station requires and send the links to your best tracks, not mp3 files, with your blogs or press publications attached.

  • Contact The Right Stations

Don’t go for the biggest and best radio station, because they are highly competitive as thousands of other artists are trying to beat you to it. Go for smaller stations and genre-specific stations, they won’t be swamped with demos like the bigger stations.

  • Make Noise Around the Music

There is no other way to say this, just go out there and make noise, create excitement around your music and force the stations to notice. Put your music on reputable platforms like CeFlix Tunes, boomplay, etc and don’t stop making fantastic music.

  • Get A Radio Promoter

If you are overwhelmed with making music, get a third party to get take your song to the radio station. These promoters have inside information with radio stations and DJ’s, contact if you need assistance with getting your songs on our Non-stop music channel.

Never give up, consistency and persistence will definitely get you noticed.

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By Kingdavid