Nathaniel Bassey Explains Why He Says You Can’t Succeed In Canada

Popular Gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey in a video that has gone viral, stressed that you don’t have to travel to Canada to make it and succeed.

According to him, you have a set place to succeed and the key isn’t about staying in Nigeria or travelling to Canada but trusting in God with all your heart and leaning in his understanding.

He advices his fans that their provision is tied to their location.

“Relocating To Canada Doesn’t Guarantee Success. Being where God would have you be is the secret. Your provision is normally tied to your divine location & Placement. And if it’s Canada, Great. But make sure you’re where God wants you to be & not just following the trend. Blessings.”

“And let me add that if God says leave Nigeria, staying back here would amount to living outside of His will for your life. The key here is being where God would have you be. Even if it’s Iraq.”

He concluded by saying it is important to be where God wants you to be and not just following the trend, because if God says leave Nigeria, then staying back even for a second longer would amount to disobedience.

Watch the video below:

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By Kingdavid