Based On Grace Artist Quiz tha Great Drops Video

Fresh outta Naija is the hip hop/rap sensation and multi-talented music artist extraordinaire Quiz tha great.

An artist, motivational speaker, song writer, rap guru and exceptional singer with a knack for telling stories with his unique lyrics has come out with the much anticipated video from his hit track “Based On Grace,”

“Based on Grace” by Quiz tha great is not just a music video, it is a story told with precision, passion and inspiration served with hope and trust in God, you can’t help but relive every moment from the eyes of this wonderful artist.

The video came much to the delight of his fans and it didn’t disappoint, fully packed with an even powerful message that expresses the unconditional love that God has for us irrespective of our past.

Listen and download the audio here

Watch the video here and don’t forget to buy and download the video.

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By Kingdavid