The Moment Frank Edwards was shocked as he paid a surprise visit to Christ Embassy Maryland on a Saturday Morning!

Frank Edwards aka Frank Richboy, Rock town boss and multiple award-winning gospel artist extraordinaire, was driving through town on a Saturday morning, and saw a Christ Embassy church in Maryland where he was currently visiting, so out of curiosity he decided to stop by without informing them ahead of his coming.

What he witnessed next staggered him.

He was stunned at the warm reception he got from parents, teens and even little kids who were inside on a Saturday Morning.

He wasn’t expecting to see anyone or any activity, yet he was bombarded with hugs and so much love from the lovely Maryland members who all stormed out to take selfies with their favorite gospel star.

He was rendered speechless at the love, realizing he had fans as little as 3 and 4 who all wanted a group hug while one mum ran in to call the entire squad and inform them about their surprise visitor.

It was a beautiful sight to behold and could be likened to the rapture when Our Lord and Savior will come and those ready will go with him and celebrate his coming.

Frank Edwards is currently on a music media tour in Maryland.

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By Kingdavid