Artists and Endorsements – Inseparable Lovers!

Endorsements and sponsorships offer artists a great way to fund their music!

And brands play a big role in that arrangement.

A sponsorship or endorsement deal is a business deal, which yields a profitable return for the sponsor/endorsee and in exchange provides a monetary or commercial benefit to the artist.

Sponsorships and endorsements are difficult to get, therefore an artist must prove their mettle to a prospective sponsor/endorsee with deliverable results.

When you see Wizkid with a bottle of Coke on a TV commercial or Olamide for Hollandia Yoghurt, immediately it paints a picture in your mind as a consumer of that product. Brands know this and that is exactly the effect they want to get.

An artist’s endorsement of a product sends different messages. The first is, it places the brand above its competitors. I mean it has to be really good for an artist of that caliber to be associated with it. This value the artist identity brings is very beneficial to the brand, and this translates to payment to the artist.

The higher the value, the higher the fee, and this is where artists come in.

People generally associate cost with quality, so when an artist recommends a brand or product, we treat it with the same importance as we would if the artist told us personally.

Last but not least, an artist’s recommendation of a brand places extra value on it, and we feel the need to buy the same products so we can attain the stature their association offers.

This is why artists are so dear to brands: their support and recommendation speaks volume much more than the brand could say in words.

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By Kingdavid