Will Chidinma & Frank Edwards Collaborate On A Song? Here’s Why Fans Think It Could Happen

The Gospel and Secular world are currently jubilating because of the rumor blowing across the music industry this season.

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This is none other than the rumor that CHIDINMA MAY BE RELEASING A GOSPEL SONG SOON, AND IT MAY FEATURE FRANK EDWARDS. Wonderful news right, yeah we know.

Chidinma and Frank Edwards are two absolutely fantastic artists, so if the rumor turns out to be true, well, we’d probably jump and shout from happiness. I mean, talk about an epic collaboration?

There’s not a single bad Frank Edward’s song or Chidinma’s song, so a track featuring both of them would probably be the top of the year (read again: the top of the century).

Anyways, neither artist has confirmed anything, but fans think the two have hinted at a possible collaboration through social media.

The picture of them in the studio has got fans wagging their tongues at a possible collaboration. After the studio pictures, fans of both artists immediately took it as a hint that the duo could be working together on a new music.

If the collaboration were to happen, it wouldn’t be just out of the blue.

So we are crossing our fingers that Frank Edwards and Chidinma announce a collaboration soon!

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By Kingdavid