Testimony Gives his first interview of the decade with CeFlix Tunes Non-Stop Music Channel!

All Gospel Roads Lead To the Number one radio studio, The CeFlix Tunes Non-stop Music Channel as Testimony kicks off the decade with the very first live session with Quiz Da great.

History is being made right here as Testimony Jaga earned the unique honor of being the musician to open the CeFlix Tunes Non-stop music channel first live session of the decade.

Ironically, Testimony was also the first artist to grace the ultra modern Christian studio last year and he is back stronger to open the door of 2020 for CeFlix Tunes Non-stop Music channel

During their 30-minute conversation, Mr Jaga and Quiz Da Great discussed a wide range of topics including what inspires him to make his songs, and how spirituality and church music influence his work. He also discussed some success tips for his fans and listeners and how his faith has brought him to where he is right now.

It was such an energetic time in the Non-stop music channel as is always the case with Mr Jaga. He has the ability to transfer his energy into everyone he ministers to and today was no exception as he started off his live session with his Music “Jesus!”

“Jesus” was first premiered at the 2019 LIMA Awards with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

It was a great time with the show’s host, Quiz da great and the ever blazing DJ ME as the phones kept ringing due to the numerous calls, chats and SMS’es coming in. Everyone wanted a piece of Testimony Jaga!

Thousands of listeners within and outside Nigeria and Lagos wanted a testimony and the multiple award winning superstar encouraged and blessed his listeners with sound words to help them start the year fresh.

He talked about beginning the year on a spiritual note, a principle which has always worked for him. Firstly, he starts the year prayerfully and spiritually, next he allows God’s spirit to guide and lead him in making his music even to the point of which studio to go to in order to make his music, and also he ensures his life revolves around the principle of Jesus, and because he believes in helping people, he ensures he picks out people to bless just as he has been blessed as well.

He shared his personal story online about how the word of God actually works when we put it to test prayerfully and with faith led actions. He recounted how he made a plan to fast for 32 days and kept at it until he fasted to the point where he collapsed, and even after he was revived, he continued fasting till he reached his goals and few months later, he got a brand new car!

The testimony in your life is brought about by your faith-led actions

Find pictures of this historic moment below:

Testimony with Quiz Da Great
Starting from the right, Testimony with the producer of the live session, Mr Buchero, DJ ME and Quiz Da Great

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