Before this era, those of us that grew up in the ’90s and early 2000s, we experienced music differently. Artists were more rugged and when they released albums, you had no choice but to listen to every single track in your walkman, then fast forward, repeat and rewind to your favorites.

Artists worked hard for their music back then because nobody will buy a CD with only a single in it or two songs, no matter how good it was, everyone just had to buy a CD and listen to all the songs because of the way the walkman was designed.

Then the internet came and iPods changed everything and now, technology, music streaming devices, and YouTube have revolutionalized listening.

Today, the quickest way to be seen is on the charts, once you’ve made the charts then “you have arrived.”Album can come much later. Ask Davido, he knows this and he has been using this style to stay ontop the music scene.

He dropped IF and FIA in 2017, and with a strong social media he was the reigning king, prior to that, he last release was “Son of Mercy” in 2016, today he has demystified the puzzle. Assurance, one single meant for his girlfriend is on everyone’s soundtrack, Davido realized love sells and after IF and FIA, he learned and now he has used this strategy to garner and gather the fame and fortune that comes with understanding what works and what works best for you.

Some artists still believe in the old way of doing things, Falz the bad guy, Simi, etc, they still do the groundwork and churn out albums but a large majority of artists just want to hammer big with one single. This strategy might be perceived as making artists lazy, but again that’s the trend of the market and society, nobody wants to hear an entire album except you are popular and already known, else people just wanna listen to good songs and singles, provides just that.

With the right music, producer, social media marketing and platform, you can still get people to listen to your album, but first you need to carve your own niche and gain their trust with good music.

Singles or Albums…What’s your take?

Quality over quantity, and to gain the right traction, you need to work for it, it’s not magic and you won’t get a miracle you didn’t work for.

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By Kingdavid