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Looking for Gospel Music/Artist Promotion in Africa and beyond?

Then Congratulations!

All your hard work, dedication, and efforts are finally paying off.

For CeFlix Tunes, Music itself is a Ministry and gospel music is the messenger.

Countless lives have been transformed by Gospel music, yet numerous streaming platforms that cater to independent artists, all have one thing in common – Gospel music is always left out!

Can you see that, the most beautiful music in the world – left out!

CeFlix Tunes presents much more than music and promotions for artists and music lovers who want and desire quality gospel music.


CeFlix Tunes offers inspiration. Much more than a gospel music streaming platform, CeFlix Tunes has positioned itself as number one in delivering inspiration in different shapes and sizes.

For everyone who have decided to use their voices to spread the Gospel, now lack of talent or motivation is not the problem, the real challenge is lack of exposure as most of the major Gospel labels cannot sign every artist, neither are these platforms able to cater to all, leaving many talented singers and musicians out in the cold.

CeFlix Tunes was developed to ensure that your music Ministry transforms as many lives as possible. Your Ministry deserves all the exposure it can handle and this is a streaming platform that guarantees peace for and through hour music to millions out there.

Her door is always open, with a Non-Stop music channel of international standard that accommodates and embraces everyone, irrespective of their social status or class, as long as you want inspiration and you inspire same, they will amplify your voice to be received and heard.

Whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever you do, if you love Gospel music, love, and business, then you are in the right place at the right time.

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By Kingdavid