Live streams, Red Carpet, Live Concerts & Superstars Surrounding Fido Cleff’s ‘Grace’ Album Launch!

If you are looking for a place to be this November then you gotta strap in, sit tight and dive deep into Fido Cleff’s epic album launch and live-In concert featuring top guns in the gospel industry like Ayo Vincent, Testimony Jaga, Chris Shalom, Tru South, Password, Kelly Lyon and a host of other big names in the gospel musical ecosystem.

Prepare to be star-struck and stargazed With Fido Cleff gearing up to release his album, “Grace” on Sunday (Nov. 24), the concert schedule has been in full force as Several events are taking place surrounding the launch of the album, including live streams, live shows, red carpet, live interviews, and other exciting appearances and surprises for everyone.

Trust me, You don’t wanna miss out on this!

Fans can check out the entire planned and upcoming activities on the CeFlix Tunes website, link below or Fido Cleff’s website

The show is happening 3 p.m. Red Carpet and Main Event kicks of by 4 p.m West African time at PRIMROSE EVENT PLACE, NOVEMBER 24th 1 Akilo road, off Oba Akran By Mobil Filing Station,beside Toyota, Ogba Ikeja. Lagos, Nigeria. Free Registration on the website.

Fido Cleff

FIDO CLEFF is a Nigerian gospel artist, songwriter, worshipper, music minister, praise and worship leader, who has graciously won the heart of many with his melodious songs and heart touching lyrics.

He is the President of The Enthroned World Empire.

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