Nigerian worship leader and songwriter Sinach signs partnership with UK Based Integrity Music!

Multiple award-winning songwriter, vocalist and anointed international worship leader, Sinach, known globally for numerous gospel hit songs, which have ministered to millions bringing healing, hope, encouragement and strengthening their faith is ending 2019 in a big and exciting way.

Brighton, UK – Integrity Music are excited to announce an international song promotion partnership with renowned global worship icon Sinach.

Record-breaking tracks like ‘Way Maker’ and ‘l Know Who I Am’, are the songs to be featured in this momentous partnership that has made impacts both locally and internationally in the church and on a global scale.

In a statement, Les Moir, A&R Ambassador at Integrity Music Europe says “I am thrilled about the publishing partnership between Sinach and Integrity Music.”

“Sinach has already written many songs that have become anthems in Africa. At Integrity Music we are excited to play our part in seeing how the worship songs from Nigeria will be blessing the Nations.” 

This is a great pact between two giants in spreading the gospel to millions.

The MD of Integrity Music Europe could not hide his excitement in a statement he gave regarding this partnership.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Sinach’s songs to penetrate not just local communitis but international ones as well and Integrity Music is a vehicle that will drive this change and champion more new songs to be birthed in the process. “We are honored that Sinach would choose the family of Integrity Music to partner with”

He continues with this, “The time we spent with Sinach and her husband Joseph, has given us the privilege of understanding that indeed their heart is to serve the church globally, and this thrills us as we enter a season of serving Sinach’s remarkable calling. May there be many more Way Makers and songs that travel from Nigeria around the globe!”

For more information on Sinach and upcoming events, visit: http://www.sinach.org

Sinach is happily married to her loving husband Joseph Egbu and their baby.

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By Kingdavid

There are thousands of unanswered questions, and people looking for answers to the question of profitable popularity from their music.

Every day thousands of songs are released.

In every street, there are over ten wannabes and upcoming musicians.

In every nook and cranny, there are one, two, three or more studios.

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The market for music keeps expanding and growing each day, and the supply is as high as, even higher than the demand.

But, out of every 100 songs out there, only maybe 50% meets the quality and standard of what the people expect.

Most artists begin to get complacent after a series of hits and successes. The stardom gets into their heads and they start falling short of expectations.

Soon enough, their music isn’t as top rated as it was before.

They lose the hunger and fire that got them noticed and exposed them to the limelight.

This translates to losing fans, and in the music industry, losing fans is equivalent to losing money.

Each fan lost translates to one CD lost, one listener lost, one follower lost and sooner or later, you lose popularity and thereafter go broke.

This is where we come in!

For us, Music isn’t just about singing and dancing  

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Gospel Artist’s relationship with CeFlix Tunes is unprecedented!

The relationship between the biggest and trending Gospel artists and the number one Gospel music app that delivers non-stop first class gospel sounds 24/7, is unlike anything in the history of Nigeria’s entertainment media and music industry.

Gospel music is no joke indeed and the world is beginning to take note. CeFlix Tunes is bringing the focus back to Gospel Music and making it a serious business with Sound Difference, proving every supporter of gospel artist and music lover right!

Gospel artists are beginning to realize the importance and relevance of a sound partnership with media platforms to showcase their other side to their fans, the side most people don’t get to see beyond the studio, musical videos and celebrity status, and connect on a deeper level.

Therefore, what better platform to rub minds with than CeFlix Tunes, Nigeria’s first and foremost online music streaming service. The experience can only get better.

CeFlix Tunes is carving a niche for itself as the number one gospel music streaming platform this 21st century, by adding the best to the music experience.

Imagine an app that monetizes and delivers not just music but first class gospel sounds to artists and music lovers, giving them a home and a family to share and earn from the many benefits and luxury that we offer to every class of artists and interested parties.

On the Non-stop music channel in the CeFlix Tunes app, Quizthagreat live session segments are slowly becoming a household name for the energy, inspiration, and action it is bringing to the table.

The show has been promoting the success and stories of gospel giants such as @testimony, @israelstrong, @samsong, @MrNoble, @TB1, @sunnywillz, @eniola, @soltune, @danielmylez and a host of many more gospel artists lined up and excited to come on board and share their personal story and connect more with their fans all across the world, through CeFlix Tunes Non-stop Music channel.

We have had fans reacting and responding positively to these segments hosted by @quizthagreat, with calls and text messages coming in live on the show and on all our social media platforms going frenzy. Fans have been calling and texting to say just how much blessing and inspiration these artists have been to them, what advice they would give to aspiring artists and what inspired them to go into gospel music, with lots and lots of interesting things to learn and discover.

Winter indeed has come for Music and CeFlix Tunes is bringing the heat right to the dance floor.

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How Gospel Artists are making Giant strides with Gospel Music

Long ago, the music industry was perceived to be for miscreants and no good individuals who didn’t want an education and would rather engage in drugs, crime, and unfruitful fraternization.

 It wasn’t seen as an industry that was meant for Christians and responsible individuals, but today, the story has changed.

One of the major reasons for a thriving gospel music ministry in today’s world is its re-alignment to suit and resonate with the cultural changes that are taking place in today’s world. Today, music is versatile, and gospel music comes in all styles just like secular music, infiltrating into the very fabric of all generations, culture, tradition, and style, influencing them with Holy Spirit-inspired sounds and tunes.

One artist that has consistently taken Gospel music as far and even farther than secular music today is Osinachi Joseph (nee Kalu), fondly referred to as Sinach, a Nigerian Gospel musician, songwriter, and senior worship leader at Loveworld Incorporated aka Christ Embassy.

The global award-winning singer, widely known for several gospel hits songs which include: “I Know Who I Am, Great Are You Lord and He did it again”, has taken Gospel music to heights never imagined in the past. Her songs are being sung in many countries and translated to several languages, and most recently one of her hit songs, “Way Maker” has become the first Nigerian Gospel music video to have generated over 100 million YouTube views, ranking her among the greatest musicians and songwriters of this generation.

It is amazing and uplifting to see gospel music making waves and achieving exploits in a secular world. Her achievements have given hope and inspiration to artists of all ages and class, who can now express themselves and their faith joyfully through music, in anticipation of well-deserved recognition and reward for their craft.

Sinach is definitely not done in proving that indeed Gospel music is here to stay for good and she is passionate about giving back to all her fans through her Sinach Live In Concert tour happening live this Saturday, March 30th, 2019 which coincidentally is also doubling as her birthday at the LoveWorld Arena, Lekki Lagos.

Sinach Live In Concert will feature other renowned music ministers such as; Joe Praize, Ada, Peeyou, Ayo Vincent, Sophiyah, Nolly and many more for an extraordinary and inspiring worship experience like none other.

Time is 4pm.

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By Kingdavid