Is your music starting to sound like a broken record?

Ever wondered why musicians aren’t earning as much as they should on popular streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and even Pandora?

This wave of unease is sweeping across the music industry and artists are beginning to grumble, there are even rumors about a potential “Musician’s union” springing up in recent times according to Rolling Stone.

This 21st Century, we have seen a wave of streaming services blowing across the music industry like a whirlwind, music fans and lovers now have more than one avenue to bond and connect with their favorite artists. No excuses.

But are these artists happy and satisfied enough by the deals they are signing to connect with their fans?

It used to be, if you can’t stand the heat, leave the kitchen, but not anymore. Now it is, if you can’t stand the heat, upgrade the kitchen, maybe even with an AC….This is what CeFlix Tunes is bringing to the table, with a rich premium plan tailored to give you unlimited access to first-class services and profitable monetary policy to give you more for less. CeFlix Tunes is indeed changing the narrative for artists and fans across Africa and beyond with so much more than music in their categories of plans and packages.

Now Unlimited Has a Price Tag and it Costs Just N500, N1,440, AND N5,500!

Now you can reach Sinach, Eben, Ada, Testimony and a host of other A-list Gospel artists with a snap of your Finger just like Thanos, or the dial of a button to rebrand your gospel music playlist.

What are you waiting for?

Go Premium and stay Limitless!

Simply by upgrading your CeFlix Tunes plan today and instantly transform your app from just a regular music app to a whole new world of sound opportunities and musical adventure.

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The CeFlix Tunes app is available for all Android devices in the Google Play Store and iOS users worldwide.

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By King David

You need to market your music else no one will know you exist!

You can have the best songs in the world, or even record the most amazing album, but without proper communication and marketing, no one will hear or listen to it.

Effective marketing can blow or break your music career, so ensure you know how to grow your music.

It is difficult making music and marketing it at the same time. For most artists, that is not a luxury they can afford.

Banking on Record labels to do the leg work for you, isn’t an option anymore as these record labels wouldn’t touch you if you don’t already have a strong fan base and semi-popularity, and how would you get that without promotion?

Even if you decide to use Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and manually add your fans one by one or hope for your core audience to follow you and still pay these platforms, you will sooner or later hit a snag, as paid followers aren’t the same as real followers and will pose a hindrance more than a blessing to you and your brand.

You need to market your music to reach your core audience!

To reach your core audience, you need to find out where your audience hangs out and reach them there real time. Reach a load of targeted people in a short space of time, and get a better reaction and interaction more than the ghost followers the wrong marketing approach will deliver.

Use established platforms and make yourself heard; it could be in the form of community radio channel or station, website, YouTube channel, etc.  The fact that people hear you doesn’t mean they want to hear you, leverage strongly on the tactics employed by this established platforms like CeFlix Tunes, Spotify, Boomplay, iHeart Radio, popular YouTube, social media platforms and build connections and a stronger relationship with your fans because these platforms can get you right in front of your fans where you belong, faster than self-marketing and wrong marketing will.

Remember leveraging on popular platforms and relying on their popularity and expertise is important if you want to stay relevant and build momentum as a musician. Most people read and listen to what they have to say, they are respected and the fastest way to convert their teeming audience to your fans is by leveraging on their successes and tools to make a sound difference with your music.

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The CeFlix Tunes app is available for all Android devices in the Google Play Store and iOS users worldwide.

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By King David

Getting people to listen to your music is more than an art, it’s science!

There is a formula to this but not many musicians know how to effectively promote their music and market it to the right audience.

In this article, we have put together 4 practical steps to getting your music across to the right ears and getting your musical career up and running.


Platform – Host and post your content!

Finding the right platform to leverage on in getting your music is key to growing and promoting your music. If you are not using a well-known brand that is tailored and suited for the kind of audience your music speaks to, then you are getting it wrong.

Finding the right platform is the most important step every musician should look out for, demographics, interests, target audience, monetary policy, and payment plans are some of the key factors you should look out for before choosing a platform to sell and promote your music. Some platforms to look out for in selling your music are, Spotify, boomplay, tidal, CeFlix Tunes (for Gospel music), Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Pandora, Sound cloud, Deezer, Google Play Music and a host of others.


Positioning –

Succinctly put, positioning is how your fans and followers see you in relation to your competitors. If you are properly positioned, a dem go rush you!

To improve and leverage on your positioning, you have to consider what makes your brand and music a sell-out and how other brands and artists might consider that uniqueness beneficial to their own personal growth and try to collaborate with you.


Promotion –

Marketing is collaboration, culture, business, and trend. Having a better understanding of your position puts you at an advantage to garner more reach, foster engagement and ensure strong impact.

You need to make researches, find out what triggers algorithms, get attention and get ahead through strong channels and determine which promotional activities will best serve your career.

If your brand isn’t growing, you can change that by boosting your efforts today through the best platforms.  CeFlix Tunes is one platform that offers strong and aggressive promotional opportunities for gospel music artists. Visit to discover just how.


Profit – 

For most, the end is always profit making. Obviously, you must monetize your brand and music in order to stay relevant and successful.  To achieve this, you must have a firm understanding of your position and have other strategic mediums to generate income with your music and brand.

Finding a platform that offers you options and a choice to grow into the star you desire, is paramount.

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The CeFlix Tunes app is available for all Android devices in the Google Play Store and iOS users worldwide.

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By King David
How to improve your vocal cords with top 3 SIMPLE vocal exercises for world-class singing!

Have you ever seen those bodybuilders lifting weights, just in case you didn’t know, most of them weren’t always big, they were once slim. Like bodybuilders, musicians also need to build their vocal cords to improve their singing.

Discover the top 5 exercises world-class musicians are using to improve their singing and deliver world-class music, then add them to your routine and you will be a star, making beats to hits in no time.

1.    Lip hum

You know the sound a phone makes when it’s on vibration, that buzzing sound, try to imitate that sound by vibrating your lips without a pitch, this exercise will help with breathing well with energy and endurance while you sing.

Then add pitch to your humming and stay for some seconds, maybe 5 seconds, remember you can increase or decrease your tempo during this humming, once you start feeling itchy or funny sensation in your nose, it’s absolutely normal, in fact, if you don’t feel this sensation in your throat, forehead or cheeks it means you aren’t getting it right so you have to try again.

2.    The Siren

Imagine the sound a convoy or an ambulance makes, now try to imitate that same sound with your voice. Try low then gradually increase your range till you are at the highest note you can possibly go. Once you have mastered singing both high and low notes without stress, then your vocal muscles are in shape and ready to knock out some great beats.

3.    Solfege

Solfege is popularly known as “solfeggio” or “solfa,” is used in music schools to teach music students to sing and hear effectively. It is a system where every note of a scale is given its own syllable.  If you have watched the sound of music, then this should be easy. Try and sing the “Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do” beginning from middle C, sing through the solfege scale starting from up and down while you listen to each pitch.

Try this without any musical instrument, acapella style as this will train your ears too.

These vocal exercises have been tested, tried and trusted by world-class musicians and voice coach and they will help you sing better tremendously. Dedicate 10 minutes of your time daily, working out your vocal cords.

If you need more tips and steps on how to take your singing to the next level, then download the CeFlix Tunes app at and tune in to the Non-stop music channel for a healthy dose of sound celebration.

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By King David

Its lights out, glamour in and celebration of sounds from the Novel Gospel music app, CeFlix Tunes, the platform that brings you first class gospel music all over the world, delivered with a touch of divine inspiration!

For a very long time, we have been taught that music is one way people unite irrespective of religion, culture and even gender. Music makes us all equals under the light of beautiful sounds.

We have seen firsthand, how music cuts across borders and boundaries and preaches love in our hearts, and this is one vehicle CeFlix Tunes, through her Non-stop music channel, the sound of celebration is using to drive posterity and love into the hearts and souls of everyone out there.

Incase you haven’t heard, It’s in your best interest to collaborate as e dey hoton the Non-Stop Music channel, live and direct on the app.

If you are not hooked on the CeFlix Tunes App, you are missing out on the action, because that’s the only place where addiction is an attraction as you are addicted to a whole new level of high tunes, coming right at you from the studio where magic happens every day with the live sessions anchored by none other but the music extraordinaire, sound difference surgeon, “@quizthagreat,” the man with the spiritual flow!

At CeFlix Tunes, Non-stop Gospel music channel. You don’t just have a good time, you are educated and entertained with the best of gospel songs, garnished with a balanced dose of celebrity guests’ appearances and celebrated music artists, coming in and calling in live on the studio 24/7, everyday.

Since inception, CeFlix Tunes has had several gospel music crooners storm the building and several others willing to partner, artists like @therealsinach, @officialsamsong, @iam_israel_strong, @ayovincentmusic, @toyin_shine, @fidocleff, @_giljoe, @gclanqed, @spiritual_kmk, and a host of several other wonderful and beautiful artists, all lined up.

The whole world is interested in signing-up and the truth is, it doesn’t matter whether you relate with rap, classical, fuji, blues or RnB, at the Live sessions with @quizthagreat, you are given a platform to express your emotions and connect with your fans genuinely.

The CeFlix Tunes Non-stop music channel, gives you a chance to express your true voice and inspire thousands tuned in, you become your brand ambassador, touching lives with your voice and making a difference with your own story. Through the live session, you become more aware and honest with yourself while the Gbedu from the studio dey enter your body.

Anywhere you are, perhaps you may want to write your own song, analyze the lyrics of a favorite artist, or play an instrument, begin a musical career and get paid, stream, download, buy and enjoy premium music for less. Perhaps you feel like exploring new genres that are foreign to you without unnecessary and annoying shuffles. The answer is on the CeFlix Tunes App.

Join the community and belong today!

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Download the CeFlix Tunes app at   and tune in to the Non-stop music channel for a healthy dose of sound celebration.

The CeFlix Tunes app is available for all Android devices in the Google Play Store and iOS users worldwide.

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By King David
Non-Stop Music Channel… The soundtrack to your next level!

Whether we like it or not, Music is a major part of our lives, most of us can’t go a day without playing our favorite tracks on our smartphones. However, factors such as insufficient storage on our device, unlimited skips, poor audio quality from bad downloads ad sites and lots more, pose a problem as we have to omit to downloading a few songs to our playlists just to stay loyal to our favorites. Now, with music streaming services everywhere all around us, such problems are a thing of the past.

With so many digital music streaming platforms and services to choose from, it’s quite a challenge to stick to one. The secret is finding one that meets all criteria and fits all description…Does such a platform even exist?

Well, yes it does!

CeFlix Tunes is currently the largest gospel music service platform in the country, home to the largest, most diverse gospel music catalog in Nigeria with more than 50,000 tracks from hundreds of curators and artists.

Now upgraded and updated to give our fans and users the thrill of discovering their next favorite track, our team of professionals are always looking for more innovative ways to make their listening experience easier and better and find what they are looking for.

On the app, you get to enjoy personalized playlists curated to fit all moods and styles and beginning now, we’re adding even more handcrafted playlists, curated personally for your listening utopia.

Check out some of our new additions

“Worship Mix” for everyone who is in the mood for good sweet loving and worship experience.

“Party Mix” is your soundtrack for a rapid and energetic mood.

“Special Afternoon Mix” is for everyone who agrees: afternoons are the best.

“Afro High Life” is for the mummies and daddies and those who love to go back to their culture and roots.

 “Top New Releases this Week,” updated daily, is our handcrafted premium sound playlist, bringing you what’s new, what’s next and what’s best in gospel music.

You come to CeFlix Tunes for where the “Gbedu dey enter body” and next level Gospel hit Jamz, and we’re dedicated to connecting you directly with the artists that are driving the gospel music culture worldwide.

The full CeFlix Tunes curation experience features nearly a thousand unique sounds heard daily, compared to a few restricted and tons of skips on other music services that don’t cater only to Gospel music.

That means a whole lot of extra new music for you, and more opportunities for artists to connect with fans and grow their music careers.

With the first and only distribution tool in Nigeria built directly for Gospel streaming service, CeFlix Tunes serves as the soundtrack to the next level for your music: The best place to rub minds and share your favorite tracks, connect with your fans, manage your content, and get paid for your plays – everywhere.

Want more music and celebrity trending news? Follow CeFlix Tunes on Facebook and Instagram.

Download the CeFlix Tunes app at and tune in to the Non-stop music channel for a healthy dose of sound celebration.

The CeFlix Tunes app is available for all Android devices in the Google Play Store and iOS users worldwide.

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By King David
Light Series – Real conversations that connect and build Faith!

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it!

Today, these model youths in their prime are fulfilling this scripture.

In 1 Timothy 4: 12, Paul writes to Timothy saying;

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, conduct, love faith, and purity.

These youngsters are not playing with their faith

Today’s generation is not joking with their pop culture and lifestyle either.

Therefore this youthful gospel coalition has decided to lead meaningful conversations, share their Faith, and build relationships that projects and propagates the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

They are a beacon of light and hope to others, and they are starting their first series, live on CeFlix Tunes, Non-stop music channel, the channel that delivers first-class gospel music.

As a young person in today’s world, the hardest thing you may face is to have a real Christian conversation with another young person full of life and bursting with energy, and yet that is the key element to absolute satisfaction. Therefore, when you attach faith into the equation, your conversation literally goes from life-enriching to life-TRANSFORMING.

These youngsters are ready to give their conversations depth beyond measure when they speak about their experience of Jesus.

This changes everything for this generation as these youths are taking a stand with their actions, words, attitudes and even dressing.

Each of them, coming out to make a BOLD statement… I stan “The Gospel.”

For young people who are constantly faced with the continuous buzz and noise of fashion, pop culture, entertainment, and social media, standing out for the gospel can be quite a challenge, especially among their fellow peers.

It’s easier to say you believe in Jesus and more difficult to actually act as you do.

This army of youngsters on this light series understands this. They welcome the challenge after sitting under the tutelage and wisdom of Gospel Giants in the Believers LoveWorld Inc, they are bursting with courage and passion to be prime examples of young people, who are living out their faith in today’s culture.

The show is going to be an amazing experience for young people all over the world who are tuned in.

In an age where sin and temptation have gone digital, easily accessible with just a snap of a finger or touch of a button, the light series promises to provide scripture inspired answers and hope for young people who have decided to make a difference with their lives and STAN with the Gospel.

Jesus has informed us that he is the way, truth and life, therefore, the only way to do right with your youth is to offer it whole for the Glory of God and service to the gospel.

Living out the gospel is the calling of every Christian, regardless of age, therefore, CeFlix Tunes is partnering with today’s young generations, being a young platform itself, to be prime models for young people rising above worldly pressures to be an example in today’s generation.

It’s real, it’s fresh and it’s loaded as advertised!

Tune in and spend quality time with the multitalented and entertaining Based on Grace (BOG) crooner and OAP of CeFlix Tunes, Non-stop music channel, @quizthagreat!

Get the CeFlix Tunes app and listen in on the music channel for this amazing program holding every Friday from 4pm (GMT +1) West African Time.

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Download the CeFlix Tunes app at and tune in to the Non-stop music channel for a healthy dose of sound celebration

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By King David
CeFlix Tunes Guarantees a better musical world!

The phrase, “Beyond your reach” is now a lie

CeFlix Tunes is bringing the world right within your finger tips with sound difference.

It’s no secret that there has been an increase in the number of online music streaming platforms out there with lots of features catering to the many interests of music fans and artists. Many of these streaming services have not been a top choice for audiophiles over the years. The story is changing and the change is coming from the gospel music ministry and industry.

CeFlix Tunes is not slacking in its promise to delivering a sound difference as it has just increased the tempo a notch or two, by delivering a well-balanced and satisfying sound in a very comfortable form, for every Gospel music artists and music lovers out there.

Good Music is satisfying

Hungry for good music, then CeFlix Tunes is the right place to come and have a feel of a solid musical experience, hot and always available to get you up on your feet and moving your body.

CeFlix Tunes delivers exceptional sound in a comfortable and user-friendly App design that unifies all generations and genres in one space.

Sell your music on CeFlix Tunes and get paid with no hassles or fear of privacy as the App got you covered.

You won’t find an app filled with adverts, restrictions, and costs that might be daunting to use. CeFlix Tunes provides a home for great sound with features that will enable you to take your music with you everywhere you go.

Boom Boom Boom!

The app comes as a complete package, with extra features even on the free mode, like unlimited skips, no shuffle, save for offline listening, buy or download from a solid curated playlist tailored for your listening pleasure, in a nutshell, you get premium service even for free on the CeFlix Tunes app. Unbelievable right?

Get so much more on the premium plan, I mean if you can get so much service free, just imagine what you can gain as a paid plan user or artist.

For most music fans, the problem with most of the top streaming sites is that they aren’t focused on the artists and fans but their focus is on the music, which isn’t too bad since music is the currency that these streaming platforms understand. Nevertheless, the gap and disconnect can be frustrating, because, when the focus is not just on the sound but the listener, it helps drive a stronger relationship and partnership while fostering a deeper engagement with other music lovers, paving a way to discover new songs and artists.

CeFlix Tunes focuses equal attention to the music and the artists/fans, offering a home where you can share your musical tastes with others in a fun way and discover new music trends and new friends. Our select curated playlists leaves you feeling at home and brings you a sound closer to your dreams and career.  The different packages and premium services offers artists an opportunity to interact more with other music artists by staying up-to-date with the latest music and trending songs and get paid for their music.

What an app!!!

Premium Music at your fingertips for just a token!

Want more music and celebrity trending news? Follow CeFlix Tunes on Facebook and Instagram.

Download the CeFlix Tunes app at   and tune in to the Non-stop music channel for a healthy dose of sound celebration.

The CeFlix Tunes app is available for all android devices in the Google Play Store and iOS users worldwide.

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By Glory Nwa

It’s more than an app for us. It’s more than a business partnership, much more than a service.

For CeFlix Tunes, music is a relationship.

It’s a force that connects and inspires laughter, dance and sweet melody in the hearts and souls of even the most heartbroken individual.

CeFlix Tunes is emerging as the most talked about App by other music industry pundits and artists, becoming recognized as a leading player in Africa’s Digital market.

With the latest upgrade and iOS version, CeFlix Tunes is reinforcing its nonstop contribution to Africa’s and indeed global content distribution ecosystem.

Leading player in the Game of sounds

With its exceptional and user-friendly CeFlix Tunes application, which delivers easy access to an unlimited number of songs, videos, and entertainment hubbub, the app has recorded a significant increase in the number of users and artists vying for a spot to come on-board.

The ease of use and simplicity is a plus, with a colorful user interface and innovations, especially its noteworthy influence in delivering music easily to millions of artists and users, eventually creating more market for mobile music consumption, while assisting and supporting artists by protecting their interest and career through the protection and safeguarding of their intellectual property and right legally and commercially.

CeFlix Tunes guarantees assurance to artists who are seeking to monetize their music independently or otherwise.

The whole world isn’t just watching…They are Tuned in!

The addition of CeFlix Tunes non-stop music channel to the platform is a unique milestone achievement for the app, with a dedicated team working tirelessly to bring first-class gospel sounds to listeners worldwide, many more users are now using the app to listen to music, sign-up on the app, download and buy music, upload more songs and even get the latest gist on entertainment from the blog posts on the site, everyday.

The various segments and live sessions on the Non-stop channel are keeping every Gospel Artist in the country and beyond on their feet, asking for more. Everyone is talking about CeFlix Tunes and how it is making a sound difference.

No matter how lost you feel, our music will find you and bring you home.

Delivering first-class gospel sounds anywhere you are.

Want more music and celebrity trending news? Follow CeFlix Tunes on Facebook and Instagram.

Download the CeFlix Tunes app at and tune in to the Non-stop music channel for a healthy dose of sound celebration.

The CeFlix Tunes app is available for all Android devices in the Google Play Store and iOS users worldwide.

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By Glory Nwa
One Sound Keeps Us Together!

Everybody loves music, irrespective of the language, style or culture it is being sang, we are compelled by it. Music helps us to feel again and demonstrate emotions otherwise impossible to articulate. We are moved by it, motivated by it and obsessed with sound. It defines us and describes our innermost thoughts and sensations. It mirrors something deep about who we are and how we see the world. Sound is the color of emotions.

If you were asked to sing your favorite song or name your best musicians, you would have a diary of seasoned or upcoming artists. Each to his/her own kind or style but sound remains the unifying factor connecting all the dots. Music is the sound that keeps us together, hypnotizing some and fascinating others with powerful messages and tunes that resonate with us. Interestingly, most of us have a playlist that expresses our every emotions and mood. Some, blues for a relaxed and quiet night, others, rock and roll for a workout moment, it could be R&B for a midnight dinner or romantic moment or metal genre for an angry situation or when we need to let off steam.

Considering the eccentric nature of music, it is safe to say music is the best therapy to life’s tough situation and challenging state of affairs, it is the perfect escape to a tough break, whether it is a bad relationship, crisis at work or school, family problems, sickness or personal trauma, we all have moments that we are faced with one negative crisis or a difficult situation.

As we come face to face with this harsh reality, music can be the key to unlock the doors of depression and pain in these dark moments. Music is the productive way to express our truest feelings, whatever we might be facing and going through at that particular moment, we can tune in and listen to a song that connects to that particular emotion. If you are depressed, tune up and make some noise in your living room and before long, you will be up and jumping around your living room or bedroom, if you are tensed or restless, turn up your radio or put on your earpiece and dance away your nervousness while listening to your favorite tunes.

No matter how diverse our cultures might be, even having a multitude of people from different backgrounds in one place, with different language, ideas, beliefs, religion, race and status, connecting to music is one way to become one with who we are firstly and then who we can become when we think and feel as one. Music helps us express our truest emotions that words cannot articulate, where words fail, sound matters.

In summary, music transcends time, language, culture and religion, whether it is gospel, rap, metal, blues, country, R&B or classical, it remains the greatest magnetic pull that binds all emotions into one ball and shoots it in its truest form. It aids every one of us in finding and discovering our self and purpose; it opens doors of new horizons and realities at a go.

If you need the perfect music or playlist that you can connect to, you can find the best sounds and trending tunes here – compiled for your listening pleasure.

Follow us on our social media platforms:

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By King David