You Are God – Minister Jayne

Sensational and fast-rising gospel artist, Minister Jayne releases her debut single titled “You Be God”.

This highly inspirational song is a combination of English, pidgin, and Nigerian languages (Igbo and Yoruba) expressing our knowledge of God’s supremacy as He is God alone. No one can do the things he does and no one across the nations of the earth is like and will ever be like Him. He is the King of all kings and of all the earth.

This song surely resonates God’s glory and is highly recommended for addition to your Playlist.

“You Be God,” is an expression of heartfelt worship and an acknowledgment of God’s supremacy as seen in Isaiah 45:3-6. There is no god like our God and we pour out our heart in deep worship and reverence to God who is the king of all kings (Kabiyesi oo). Indeed He Is God And No One Is Like Him.

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