Da Queeny Has the Whole World on their Toes with her Debut, “I Live To Worship!”

There’s something satisfyingly audacious about Da Queeny, the new diva on the gospel music block and she pours out her heart in this song, “I live to worship.”

Da Queeny is a prolific songwriter, worship leader, strong vocalist, and a dedicated follower of the ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

“I Live To Worship” is a song of expression about her calling, convictions, and testimony. Her life is 100% for the worship of God and this tempo is maintained from the beginning to the end of the track.

The singer possesses a voice of fiercely intimate power and texture that takes you right into the hearts of her fans and music lovers, and straight into the daily life modern-day struggles and challenges unbelievers face, the song “I live to Worship” has become a common expression and motivation used to face today’s struggles and brings you closer to the throne of God where everything is possible and nothing is impossible.  

Even on her first debut, the song has it all and it’s so loaded with faith, hope, love, and energy, this is making her a global sensation worth listening to.

Download, watch and listen to the song;

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