‘Ossy Brown’ shines with amazing vocal harmonies and empowering lyrics in New Single “OH YES!”

Nigerian R&B/Pop Sensation Ossy Brown’ is known for bringing a fresh sound to R&B, and today shares a track off his latest project, LED. Ossy Brown perfectly encapsulates radiant and brilliant melodies in his new track ‘OH YES’.

Ossy Brown’s newest song ‘OH YES’ is a love song about the unconditional love of God and fills us with hope for the future through the description of a one of a kind type of love.

The song delivers an empowering melody and together with his powerful and soulful vocals leads to the creation of a powerful piece of artistic music and message for everyone, everywhere.

Ossy Brown’s lyricism tells the story of God’s outpouring love and the expression of the deep love for God through praise and adoration.

The R&B and Pop Sensation cleverly attains a sense of spirit-filling and inspiring listening from his new track, whilst maintaining a fun, feel-good factor. Even the instrumentals exude every inch of class, and the underlying harmony makes ‘OH YES’ all the more profound.

Upon his arrival in the music industry, Ossy Brown began his musical journey in 2009 as a recording and performing artiste and has over the years built something fresh and unheard, making his rise to success ever so entrancing.

Download, share, and be blessed:

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