Blessing Dimkpa Drops He Reigns For her Fans (Lyrics and Audio)

Globally acclaimed and celebrated gospel singer, director, and songwriter, Blessing Dimkpa, returns with a brand new hit praise song titled “He Reigns.“

This is a song birthed from a quiet time. A song of adorable and heart pouring praise to the Almighty King and ruler.

The bible says in Psalm 97 NIV The LORD REIGNS, let the earth rejoice. Cloud and thick darkness surround him; righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne. Fire goes before him and consumes his foes on every side.

Psalm 146:10 He said I will reign forever and ever. Your God, Oh Zion, for all generations, praise the Lord. The lord reigns he is clothed with majesty. Fear not.

Produced by the multi-talented Echris.

Lyrics: He Reigns By Blessing Dimkpa

All power in heaven, belongs to my God
All power on earth, belongs to Jesus
All power beneath, belongs to my God
For He reigns, He rules, He reigns (2x)

He reigneeeeeh eh ehs
All over the world, He reigns.
He rule uuhuuhuuhuuhuuhs
All over the world, He reigns (2x)

Do you have a Father? Oh yeah
Jesus is your Father…., Oh yeah
Do you have a Father? Oh yeah
Reliable Father…., Oh yeah

He reigneeh eh. All over the world
(He reigns )
He ruleuuuh uh. All over the world
(He reigns)

Yahweh my Father
Yahweh my King
Jehovah Nissi, You are the light of the world
My keeper
My Helper
My Saviour, He reigns

I never see this kind, God, before
He walks upon the sea
And rise the death, Power God

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