Celebrating The Man Jaga, God’s own Street General!

Today, we celebrate an outstanding gospel phenomenon to come out of this generation. An award-winning songwriter and a radical trailblazer for Jesus, pioneering movements and groups that are furthering the spread of the gospel into the streets and all the major cities and towns…

We celebrate a man, whose music has traveled far and wide, winning souls in every street, city, nation, and corners around the world, impacting millions with his voice and sound.

Happy Birthday, Testimony Jaga! CeFlix Tunes salutes you!

If you want to know what to get The man Jaga for his birthday, well, you are in luck, this is what the street gospel movement king said he wants for his birthday:

“Good energy around me 24 hours!  I’m glad to officially announce to you that my new single “Mash It” (Opor) is officially out and for those of you that have been asking me what I want for my birthday… well it’s simple, share this song, do a dance video of this song, post it on your page with the hashtag #MashItChallenge and also send to me in any of my social media accts. Of course, I will post it on my page.”

Kingschat @testimonyjagaInstagram @testimony_jagaFacebook @testimony jaga Twitter @testimonynaija

Together, let’s Mash all the bad energy, complaining, sickness, bad news, depression, frustration because your testimonies and miracles this year will be soooo loud 🔊🔊🔊.  Join me and let’s celebrate this new level.#

Listen to MASH IT (OPOR) BY TESTIMONY JAGA and celebrate with him live on CeFlix Tunes.

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