Comedian and Gospel Singer Akpororo Teams Up with Testimony in a Historical Musical Duo

For the first time ever Super Nigerian Christian singer and comedian, Jephthah Bowoto, popularly known as Akpororo, have teamed up with Ace Gospel music minister Testimony Jaga to gift the world a brand new mind-blowing music for their fans and music lovers globally.

Yes, and you heard it first from CeFlix Tunes!

Both artists and performers are known for their energetic and powerful ministration and entertainment dance style that has inspired a lot of hit songs and award-winning performances.

Akpororo and Testimony’s rise to fame and success is somewhat similar; both came from very humble backgrounds and had to work hard to get to where they are today. Talent and skill proved very pivotal to their meteoric rise to fame in the entertainment industry.

Although Akpororo is a comedian, yet he still creates time to go back to his one true love which is music and singing the gospel to inspire the love of Christ in the hearts and minds of people, while Testimony is a full-time gospel minister, reaching hundreds of thousands with the gospel through his own unique sound.

While Akpororo is the head of a choir in Lagos which consists of 80-90 members while also managing his own dance group with which he calls Ojo Mega Praise Jam, Testimony is the pioneer of Street Gospel Movement, a ministry that combines music and social welfare service as tool for spreading the gospel to people in the streets of Lagos with his own band called the Testifiers Band.

Their radical approach to praise and worship is the perfect balance that has proven to work in recent times, bringing harmony to music lovers both in the Gospel and secular industry.

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