56 Souls Won, Muslim Converts to Christianity and many more Testimonies at the Street Gospel Movement Mega Concert By Testimony Jaga!

Testimony Jaga is rising swiftly to being the model of modern street gospel success. Little wonder he is known as the King of Street Gospel Movement, coincidentally a name he chose and calls his own record label that has seen him pick up talents from the street and turn them into masterpieces.

Indeed he is refining and reshaping the world, one youth a time by transforming their dirt into a silver lining.

His recently held Street Gospel Movement Mega Concert was a delight for music fans and lovers.

In the past, Music festivals have had a bad reputation to the neighborhood, in terms of noise and security risks due to the caliber of people it attracts. Things have changed significantly with the influence of gospel artists using the platform to minister and evangelize.

Thousands have been led to Christ and miracles have been recorded since these gospel artists took their footprints to the street.

TheMega concert was heralded as a huge success, bringing together the best of legendary gospel artists comprising of Eben, Buchi, Frank Edwards, Agent Snypa, Woli Arole and many others, and even secular artist, like Small Doctor, the surprise of the show.

The event saw popular Nigerian singer Small Doctor popularly referred to as Omo Better take the stage. At such a young age, Small Doctor is living out his dreams and creating his own music with a perspective like none other. He is using his influence to turn a negative into a positive, using his style of music as an asset, he is setting himself apart from other recording artists.

Small Doctor

Although Small Doctor is a secular artist, this is not the first time we have seen such duo and collaboration in the past between Gospel and secular artists. We have seen former Capital Hill artist and Miss Kedike, Chidinma ministering alongside the Xtreme Crew at Tim Godfrey’s Fearless Concert.

Social media commentators have been quick to voice skepticism as to whether it was proper for a secular artist to be involved, but other activities that happened proved God indeed does not mind as he sees all as his children irrespective of their genre.

56 souls were reached and won for the kingdom of God and even a Muslim woman was converted from Islam to Christianity during the ministration of Dr. Ken Woghiren, husband of Evangelist Kathy Woghiren, Director of LMAM (Love World Music and Arts Ministry).

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