You Don’t Go Into Gospel Music To Make Money – Frank Edwards

Nigerian gospel superstar Frank Edward, in a discussion with Punch Newspaper on the 12th of January 2020, stated that Gospel artists shouldn’t focus on the business angle only but spreading the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In an interview with the platform, when asked his opinion on the reason why most gospel singers are not being signed as ambassadors for brands He opined that the gospel industry hinders the profitability of gospel artists.

He responded by saying: There are so many reasons. Firstly, you have to understand that the industry and ministry is not the same thing. Gospel music is a ministry, the other one is an industry, so it functions fully like that.

The gospel ministry is totally different from the secular industry even though you might say that there is a business side of it which makes it similar. But in gospel ministry, the business aspect of it is never the focus. I tell people that if you want to make money, don’t do gospel music; you would have a lot of issues.

“Gospel music means one is reaching out to people through music; the others are strictly entertainment or at least 70-80 percent entertainment. The company would rather give the opportunity to musicians who sing songs that all religions, including Christians, would dance to, either at a party or in a club.

“The companies are looking for numbers, and they would give the brand ambassadorship to someone who everybody loves their music. If the companies give it to gospel singers like me, people who don’t listen to gospel would probably not pay attention.

“Although I’m a brand ambassador, it is not everything that one must do as a gospel artist. When you are not getting endorsements, think of how many souls you music has healed– that’s your reward.”

Frank Edwards is a global force and a voice to gospel artists out there, especially in a time where Gospel music is unarguably one of the most played genres in the Nigerian music sector.