Top 10 Trending Songs on CeFlix Tunes!

It’s been a fascinating mix of the past, present, and future on the popular trending songs on the CeFlix Tunes charts so far from 2019 stretching into 2020.

Stars like Eben, Samsong, Ada, have been rubbing elbows with modern-day stars like MegaKach, Testimony and others who aren’t resting on their laurels but setting the pace for gospel music next level.

Things are getting more interesting with some of the biggest and best hits to come out from 2019.

These and many more all combined to make this final year of the 2010s one of the least-predictable seasons we’ve had in a long time.

Check out our 10 favorites from 2019 so far as voted by our listeners to keep you in the mood of praise and worship all day long.

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1 – LMAM UK – You Alone

2 – Farlon Lyte – Greater Than Yesterday

3 – MegaKach – Jesus In Me

4 – Eben – Joyful Noise

5 – Eben – Jesus Doh

6 – Eben – Darling Jesus

7 – Eben – Joyful Noise

8 – Eben – Shepherd of my Soul

9 – Ada – Like This

10 – Samsong – E dey Work

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