Justin Bieber Promotes Christ as he encourages his 122 Million Followers to Pray!

Word recognized pop music sensation, known for drama and controversy, Justin Bieber, is now preaching Christ through his music and now his social media platforms.

It’s indeed a refreshing time for millions of his followers as he encourages them to pray and talk to God.

It appears the star is speaking from experience.

Justin Bieber, who hails from a strong Christian background lost his way during his teenage years shortly after becoming a celebrity at the young age of 13.

Despite separating from God, God never forgot him as finally, his unconditional love has brought the prodigal son back to his faith once again.

Today, Justin is shouting from the rooftops or his social media platform as the case may be, ministering and inspiring millions with his platform.

His newfound faith is a relationship he doesn’t hide and is very proud to share with his 122 million+ followers who continue to support him.

Justin constantly encourages them to turn to God, evidence of this can be found in his Instagram as he has shared a series of prayers for three consecutive days.

First was on December 1st where he told his followers to “FIND A COMFY POSITION AND ENJOY!”

Then he proceeded with a declaration of God’s extraordinary love for every person, citing Romans 8:38 as the Bible verse inspiration for the first guided prayer.

On December 2nd, 1 Chronicles 16:34 was the Bible verse inspiration.

Last is Philippians 4:6-7

This is indeed good news for the kingdom and children of God, as God is doing extraordinary things through Justin Bieber. Millions are being touched and transformed, and the kingdom of God keeps expanding.


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