Kim Kardashian changes Lifestyle to suit Kanye west’s Faith

With the turn of each season, it seems there is always something new to talk about Kanye West and his newfound faith in Christ.

Thankfully, it’s always for the best and all the right reasons.

Trending now is Kim Kardashian West, Celebrity wife of gospel minister, Kanye West and it appears she is trying to live up to the standard of her husband’s new faith.

Ever since Kanye West surrendered to Christ, he has been affecting and influencing the lives of people in America and the world, and now his family is not left out of his sphere of influence

These days, it seems that the fashion world is in awe with Kim Kardashian’s dress sense and the reason is not farfetched as several sources believe that it has a lot to do with her husband’s new Christian and spiritual journey.

Remember that an episode in Keeping Up With The Kardashians showed a slight misunderstanding that almost escalated over Kim’s look to the Met Gala ball that held on May 6. Apparently, Kanye was not comfortable with his wife’s look and she was not willing to submit to his reservations over her clothing.

In his words, she looked ‘too good to the eye’ and she wasn’t willing to cover up to allay his concerns.

A series of events has led us to understand that the couple has settled for what is mutually acceptable as Kim has been seen in recent times dressing and covering herself more with a lot of turtle neck outfits integrated into her style.

While her fans still find her new look perfect, everyone who knows Kim understands that this is indeed a huge transition in style from what we are used to in previous times.

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