LIMA Awards 2019 was a huge success

And if there is one man who made it all possible through the grace and power of the Holy Spirit, it’s our very own dear man of God, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome.

No other person does it better than him when it comes to gospel music, praise and worship and supporting gospel artists with not just the platform to soar hih with their music but financial rewards too to change their lives forever.

For over 30 years, Pastor Chris has made it his duty to bring the gospel to the multitudes to the farthest most parts of the world and make God accessible to all, it’s no surprise then to see his message going musical as he is bringing music to the masses in a revolutionary way.

Do not forget that Pastor Chris is a huge music fan and lover. He recognizes the role music plays in all spectrums of life, especially for the youth, the leaders of tomorrow.

Generation Next, what better way to catch them young and fast than with the right music!

Launched in 2003 and broadcasting from Nigeria around the world, Pastor Chris pioneered the first 24-hours Christian satellite network LoveWorld, now the number one gospel television and entertainment site. The gospel music that Pastor Chris distributes to the global audience is of premium quality.

The Loveworld Music Ministry keeps churning out gospel musical giants and superstars in their numbers. Giants like Sinach, Joe Praise, Frank Edwards, Eben, Samsong, Testimony etc.

Their music has brought salvation to millions of people, building their faith, hope, and inspiration and turning their gospel playlists into love, hope, faith, and spirit-lifting musical treats.

(He says, ‘God can’t call you to show the world how to praise and worship Him and leave you poor!”

As expected, and much more even greater than anticipated, the Loveworld International Music and Arts Awards (LIMAA) 2019 was a mega success, with the auditorium filled to capacity.

Despite the electrified auditorium of gifted worshippers’ voices in the air, the carriage of the president of the ministry, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome was unmistakably supernatural. He gave attention to every performance and artist like a true father, dancing to some, standing up to others, clapping and even speaking in tongues to the performances.

When it was time for the awards, he personally presented the awards to the awardees.

Guess what, it didn’t end there, he also gave out a whooping cash price in thousands of U.S dollars.

Oh yes, cash prizes in dollars with the minimum award price being $10,000 and the maximum price amounting to $100,000.

This is why there have been no recorded cases of a gospel artist, singer or songwriter ever to leave LoveWorld to sing secular songs!

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