Entertainment and Fun Redefined as CeFlix Tunes Brings a new depth to the Unilag Exhibition (Mariere Hall)
Dancers performing at the CeFlix Tunes Unilag Exhibition stand

It wasn’t business as usual for the Students of Unilag, it was entertainment and innovation unusual as CeFlix Tunes brought a whole new energy that spread from Mariere hall to the very core of the University of Lagos.

The youths are not just important to the survival of our race but very capable of leading the conversation for a better future. CeFlix Tunes made sure they were around to facilitate the conversation for the future.

CeFlix Tunes brought their A-Game as they came prepared to take advantage of this great opportunity to inspire young people at the Unilag Exhibition, promoting social and technological innovations with a touch of class to the Students amidst other exhibitors from the 2nd to the 6th of September 2019 at the Mariere hall.

CeFlix Tunes Ambassadors doing what they know best

The difference was always clear this 7 days as CeFlix Tunes stand stood out like a diamond among stones.

Unilag has always been known for her heavy social activity presence, the school boasts of many talented acts and art, and this year, CeFlix Tunes matched them back to back with her own world-class artists like, Israel Strong, Testimony Jaga, Quiz da great, Sam Jamz, Winter Amadin and several other performances.

All about the Experience!

KMK on Fire for the students of Unilag
Israel Strong bringing the roof down

For the other exhibitors, it was all about selling their market but for CeFlix Tunes, in collaboration with CeFlix Images, it was more about the experience, and indeed CeFlix Tunes raised the bar by delivering a Premium experience for them.

It was a time of giveaway prizes such as Microwave, Smoothie Machine, vouchers and free subscriptions for the students, who also were entertained by the artists and had a great time with the CeFlix Tunes beautiful and smart ambassadors.

Two lucky winners emerged at the raffle draw and each won a Microwave oven and a smoothie machine! They were so excited at their gifts and couldn’t contain their joy as they thanked CeFlix Tunes for their winnings.

Winner of the Subscribe and win Microwave Oven
Winner of the Subscribe and win Smoothie Maker being presented with his gift by the CeFlix Tunes Ambassadors

Several students flooded the stand to take advantage of the many benefits being a part of CeFlix Tunes offered, there was free wifi access for students at the stand, popcorn and icecream, voucher cards and free subscriptions to go round, celebrity artists to take selfies with and first-class gospel music from our artists playing live on the stand and giving them countless reasons to subscribe.

Israel Strong giving Unilag students something to shout about

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