Pastor Israel Bursts into the scene with Never Go Down!

There is an undeniable timelessness in Gospel music; it’s a genre flowing with so much milk and honey that never dries, seasoned with flourishing chords and fathomless expressions.

Pastor Israel proves his talents once more with his signature style of music. A powerfully laced soundtrack, mixed with a flawless percussion that is both scintillating and stunning.

“Never Go Down” does not disappoint, as its undertone is imbued with a message of love and faith at the very core, it inspires a lifestyle that yields towards absolute love and trust in Jesus, even in failing and troubling circumstances.

“When the systems of the world are failing… All things are mine. I can never go down.” This is a powerful message from the song as Pastor Israel, popularly known as PI, yields himself totally, sustained with his powerful male vocal, whose tone and expression perfectly emphasizes the message of faith, belief, strength, and trust.

“With Never Go Down,” PI artistically crafted a masterfully-balanced juxtaposition of sparkling and refreshing perspective in his rhythm and sound.

The song is no doubt a classic and a true confession of the unwavering love and power of Christ today, tomorrow and forever.

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