5 important things to do as an upcoming artist

These steps you are about to read will put ahead in the game

Today, the global music industry is filled with lots of talented singers and entertainers. Breaking into the entertainment industry as an artist is usually a stiff competition for every upcoming artist who wants to be ahead of the game.

I have decided to craft out 6 things you should do as an upcoming artist for you to be ahead of other upcoming artists in Nigeria.

  1. MEDIA – Record labels are not signing artists anymore – they are signing audiences. The first step a new artist can take to attract record labels is to build and establish a digital presence. You need a robust promotion to get noticed. Get your song on radio stations, social media and always perform on street shows, befriend DJ’s for your song to get a place on their mixtape, lastly, promote your songs on streaming platforms like CeFlix Tunes, Boomplay, Iroking, etc. If you can’t build a strong and aggressive social media presence, then hire a social media marketer.
  • BRANDING – Branding is one of the most compelling parts of the music industry, and your brand is how the world sees you. It is what separates you from every other artist in your genre, therefore, get something unique, be known for it, and make it all yours.
  • Persistence – As an upcoming artist, you need to have patience to weather the challenges and drawbacks that will arise from your hustle. A lot of artists can’t stand the heat so they leave the kitchen before the beats hit, but if you are strong and persistent, you will finally make it at the end of the day.
  • Quality – Quality will always triumph quantity. It doesn’t matter how many songs you have out there, as an upcoming artist, you must do the hard work and find atleast a semi-professional to mix and master a standard beat for you.
  • Craft- As an artist, you must hone your craft like a professional practices their art. You must create a distinguished sound, one that is identical to your brand. Let your audience be able to spot you with a common theme in your songs and always strive to develop a unique style. Your craft is quintessentially the most important part of developing your musical abilities.

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