International Music Concert With Pastor Chris

The Much anticipated annual Mega International Music Concert with Pastor Chris that held on the 23rd of June 2019 at the prestigious LoveWorld Convocation Arena, was so much more than a concert and musical experience.

The concert took Fans to the Promised Land and beyond with performances from the very best of everyone’s favorite LoveWorld stars, artists like Testimony Jaga, ADA, Eben, UR Flames, RAP Nation, Kids can dance, Israel Strong and a host of many others thrilled the crowd and left everyone enchanted and asking for more with music and enthralling performances, leaving all in an atmosphere of exhilarating joy.

Each and every one of the most loved and listened to artists and ministers blew minds away and set the bar in the music industry with perfectly crafted-choreographed performances, anointed dance presentations, Gospel Hip-hop and rich diversity of other awe-inspiring arts and splendiferous music, proving once again the role and significance of music in faith.

The whole place was transformed into an arena of gospel musical crescendo that kept on rising and rising until it exploded into an avalanche of prophetic praise and worship for every single guest in attendance. It was an experience of a lifetime, ten times more than any other music concert ever experienced as the artists’ redefined talent and class, bringing down the roof the Holy Spirit way!

The 10th edition of the IMC (International Music Concert) with Pastor Chris didn’t disappoint as the level of talent that each artist showed, exceeded everyone’s expectations with an audience of over 20,000 people and millions more connecting through live streaming from all over the world.

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