Testimony Testifies Big With Kpansa Kpansa!

One man never stops announcing to the world just how good God is, and he is no other than the much acclaimed and energetic Fuji-pop artist and Gospel minister, Testimony Mr. Jaga.

Indeed his life is a testimony and he doesn’t stop spreading the good news with his music and awe-inspiring performances. His recent song, “KPANSA KPANSA” is already getting his fans and music lovers up on their feet and kicking to the rhythm of the music.

“KPANSA KPANSA”, which he describes as “More testimonies” is all about living in the fullness of the glory of God, and it is a song that will uplift and place you in an atmosphere of uncommon Afro praise!

Quoting the scripture Haggai 2:9, which says “The glory of the latter shall be greater than the former.” “KPANSA KPANSA ” is a song that inspires confidence and builds the faith of the believers towards the lordship and kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ In every situation and circumstances of their lives.

The Man Jaja revealed that he got inspiration for this song after Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome declared 2019 the Year of Lights and that the result this year will make 2018 look like a “Child’s play.”

His exploits indeed are no child’s play as “KPANSA KPANSA” produced by the multi-talented JMoses, will leave you dancing and jumping for Joy as it catapults you into a life of Extra Glory, Extra Grace and a whole lot of Extra Spiritual Sauce.

Get the song below and check our lyrics category for the lyrics to this beautiful song and other amazing songs from your favorite Gospel artists.

Download, Listen and Enjoy

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