What Else Can You Do In The Music Industry Besides Singing?

Being a Musician isn’t your only option you know

Have you ever wished you could be a part of the music industry even though you don’t have the voice to be a musician? Well, guess what, there is hope and a whole lot of options for you that doesn’t involve having a great voice for singing.

Music Manager

If you are good in handling people and are very much organized and tough, then this might just be the perfect fit for you. As a manager, you will be the mouth piece and the go-to of the artists; you must be actively involved in the life of the artist, his career and down to when he/she sleeps at night. This role gives you the opportunity to work with the music you love, and although, hitting it big might be excruciatingly slow, but if your artists is an upcoming one and finally hits it, your pay day has only just begun.

Start a Label

Don’t be scared, it is not as scary as it sounds. You can actually start a record label with limited start-up capital, all you need to go on, is to research as much as possible on seminars, books, online classes and YouTube for materials on record label in general, to familiarize yourself with the business procedures and strategies. Although you won’t start making money immediately, just like it takes time for an artist to blow, it’s the same with you. You must be ready and willing to put in the work, invest a lot financially and passionately, into every part of the music and you will definitely see profit as you arm yourself with organizational and promotional skills.

Music Distributor

This role requires a lot of information passing around with you being in the center of the loom with record labels, music stores etc. It means you have to know everything first, like when there are new albums coming out, latest trends and releases even before they are released. Most times you might not like the music, but you just have to make sure it gets out and then deal with logistics, and unforeseen challenges with sales and packaging involving the music distribution. As a music distributor,

Music Agent

It is a tough ship to steer, but it has its pros. Your work involves working round the clock with labels, music managers, bands, groups and even promoters to organize shows, gigs and activities that would put your artist out there in the market without being a victim to the politics of the trade like promoters.

Profit comes with lots of patience and hard-work but eventually, once you have become a name to be associated and acknowledged, then you are good to go.

Sound Engineer

This is a pretty exciting role as it puts you in the midst of shows, tours and the very core of the entertainment industry with the artists. If you are a technical person, then this is a perfect fit for you. You have to be pretty creative with delivering sound quality even if you have to work with bad tools, your pay depends on how good you are and your reputation.

Cover-Art Graphics Designer

You have to be a pretty good creative artist to land this role. You are responsible for creating the visual element of the album. That is a huge responsibility to shoulder, as great image is as important as the music, and gives the music an identity. If you have the passion and not the skills, or you have the skills and want to improve, you can visit www.cefliximages.com they provide the best designs and opportunities that leave you designing like a pro, with no training or cut throat cost.

So much more to do without necessary having a good singing voice, these are just to whet your appetite and to let you know there are so much more you can be without being a musician.

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