Multi-Talented Ire Toluhi Releases Her Single “Tight Rope”

Here’s a new kid off the block, the very beautiful and talented
19 years old Abuja-based Indie Christian artist, Ire Toluhi. Who is also a poetess, vocalist, and lyricist.

Together with her producer Dee Yasso, the multi-talented songwriter has released her freshman effort, “Tight Rope,” and it is mind-blowing as it is inspiring.

The bold and beautiful singer expresses her love and faith in Jesus with “Tight Rope,” and it is indeed an amazing experience for listeners who are in a place where they need reassurance and hope, her lyrics sound like something straight out of a worship service and the rhythm just uplifts and saturates you as you listen and experience the power of God’s love like you have never felt.

She succeeded indeed with her music in evoking trust, love and faith and goes a step further as an encouragement and testament that you are never too young to try, all you need is a tight rope to pull you out of every situation you find yourself, and Jesus will always come through for you.

Listen to the masterpiece here.

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