Mercy Sharpe – God’s Love Kept Me

Mercy Sharpe teams up with Blue Feathers Incorporations to drop one of the biggest releases this year, “God’s Love Kept Me”.

If there’s a song that defines love and salvation, then “God’s Love Kept Me,” is the perfect fit. Mercy Sharpe expresses her enthusiasm to save souls through her music and left no stone unturned in describing God’s unconditional love in the face of partiality and injustice from man.

Mercy Sharpe uses this song to empower her listeners and fans with the indescribable love of God, and once more, affirms her strength and desire in serving God through her music.

She says, “the song is typically a testimony of my life as I lift my worship, the awesomeness of God’s love which keeps me.”

“God’s Love Kept Me,” was produced by the multi-talented CeeWai.

Listen, watch and download

Listen and download

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