You need to market your music else no one will know you exist!

You can have the best songs in the world, or even record the most amazing album, but without proper communication and marketing, no one will hear or listen to it.

Effective marketing can blow or break your music career, so ensure you know how to grow your music.

It is difficult making music and marketing it at the same time. For most artists, that is not a luxury they can afford.

Banking on Record labels to do the leg work for you, isn’t an option anymore as these record labels wouldn’t touch you if you don’t already have a strong fan base and semi-popularity, and how would you get that without promotion?

Even if you decide to use Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and manually add your fans one by one or hope for your core audience to follow you and still pay these platforms, you will sooner or later hit a snag, as paid followers aren’t the same as real followers and will pose a hindrance more than a blessing to you and your brand.

You need to market your music to reach your core audience!

To reach your core audience, you need to find out where your audience hangs out and reach them there real time. Reach a load of targeted people in a short space of time, and get a better reaction and interaction more than the ghost followers the wrong marketing approach will deliver.

Use established platforms and make yourself heard; it could be in the form of community radio channel or station, website, YouTube channel, etc.  The fact that people hear you doesn’t mean they want to hear you, leverage strongly on the tactics employed by this established platforms like CeFlix Tunes, Spotify, Boomplay, iHeart Radio, popular YouTube, social media platforms and build connections and a stronger relationship with your fans because these platforms can get you right in front of your fans where you belong, faster than self-marketing and wrong marketing will.

Remember leveraging on popular platforms and relying on their popularity and expertise is important if you want to stay relevant and build momentum as a musician. Most people read and listen to what they have to say, they are respected and the fastest way to convert their teeming audience to your fans is by leveraging on their successes and tools to make a sound difference with your music.

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