Getting people to listen to your music is more than an art, it’s science!

There is a formula to this but not many musicians know how to effectively promote their music and market it to the right audience.

In this article, we have put together 4 practical steps to getting your music across to the right ears and getting your musical career up and running.


Platform – Host and post your content!

Finding the right platform to leverage on in getting your music is key to growing and promoting your music. If you are not using a well-known brand that is tailored and suited for the kind of audience your music speaks to, then you are getting it wrong.

Finding the right platform is the most important step every musician should look out for, demographics, interests, target audience, monetary policy, and payment plans are some of the key factors you should look out for before choosing a platform to sell and promote your music. Some platforms to look out for in selling your music are, Spotify, boomplay, tidal, CeFlix Tunes (for Gospel music), Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Pandora, Sound cloud, Deezer, Google Play Music and a host of others.


Positioning –

Succinctly put, positioning is how your fans and followers see you in relation to your competitors. If you are properly positioned, a dem go rush you!

To improve and leverage on your positioning, you have to consider what makes your brand and music a sell-out and how other brands and artists might consider that uniqueness beneficial to their own personal growth and try to collaborate with you.


Promotion –

Marketing is collaboration, culture, business, and trend. Having a better understanding of your position puts you at an advantage to garner more reach, foster engagement and ensure strong impact.

You need to make researches, find out what triggers algorithms, get attention and get ahead through strong channels and determine which promotional activities will best serve your career.

If your brand isn’t growing, you can change that by boosting your efforts today through the best platforms.  CeFlix Tunes is one platform that offers strong and aggressive promotional opportunities for gospel music artists. Visit to discover just how.


Profit – 

For most, the end is always profit making. Obviously, you must monetize your brand and music in order to stay relevant and successful.  To achieve this, you must have a firm understanding of your position and have other strategic mediums to generate income with your music and brand.

Finding a platform that offers you options and a choice to grow into the star you desire, is paramount.

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