Its lights out, glamour in and celebration of sounds from the Novel Gospel music app, CeFlix Tunes, the platform that brings you first class gospel music all over the world, delivered with a touch of divine inspiration!

For a very long time, we have been taught that music is one way people unite irrespective of religion, culture and even gender. Music makes us all equals under the light of beautiful sounds.

We have seen firsthand, how music cuts across borders and boundaries and preaches love in our hearts, and this is one vehicle CeFlix Tunes, through her Non-stop music channel, the sound of celebration is using to drive posterity and love into the hearts and souls of everyone out there.

Incase you haven’t heard, It’s in your best interest to collaborate as e dey hoton the Non-Stop Music channel, live and direct on the app.

If you are not hooked on the CeFlix Tunes App, you are missing out on the action, because that’s the only place where addiction is an attraction as you are addicted to a whole new level of high tunes, coming right at you from the studio where magic happens every day with the live sessions anchored by none other but the music extraordinaire, sound difference surgeon, “@quizthagreat,” the man with the spiritual flow!

At CeFlix Tunes, Non-stop Gospel music channel. You don’t just have a good time, you are educated and entertained with the best of gospel songs, garnished with a balanced dose of celebrity guests’ appearances and celebrated music artists, coming in and calling in live on the studio 24/7, everyday.

Since inception, CeFlix Tunes has had several gospel music crooners storm the building and several others willing to partner, artists like @therealsinach, @officialsamsong, @iam_israel_strong, @ayovincentmusic, @toyin_shine, @fidocleff, @_giljoe, @gclanqed, @spiritual_kmk, and a host of several other wonderful and beautiful artists, all lined up.

The whole world is interested in signing-up and the truth is, it doesn’t matter whether you relate with rap, classical, fuji, blues or RnB, at the Live sessions with @quizthagreat, you are given a platform to express your emotions and connect with your fans genuinely.

The CeFlix Tunes Non-stop music channel, gives you a chance to express your true voice and inspire thousands tuned in, you become your brand ambassador, touching lives with your voice and making a difference with your own story. Through the live session, you become more aware and honest with yourself while the Gbedu from the studio dey enter your body.

Anywhere you are, perhaps you may want to write your own song, analyze the lyrics of a favorite artist, or play an instrument, begin a musical career and get paid, stream, download, buy and enjoy premium music for less. Perhaps you feel like exploring new genres that are foreign to you without unnecessary and annoying shuffles. The answer is on the CeFlix Tunes App.

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