How to improve your vocal cords with top 3 SIMPLE vocal exercises for world-class singing!

Have you ever seen those bodybuilders lifting weights, just in case you didn’t know, most of them weren’t always big, they were once slim. Like bodybuilders, musicians also need to build their vocal cords to improve their singing.

Discover the top 5 exercises world-class musicians are using to improve their singing and deliver world-class music, then add them to your routine and you will be a star, making beats to hits in no time.

1.    Lip hum

You know the sound a phone makes when it’s on vibration, that buzzing sound, try to imitate that sound by vibrating your lips without a pitch, this exercise will help with breathing well with energy and endurance while you sing.

Then add pitch to your humming and stay for some seconds, maybe 5 seconds, remember you can increase or decrease your tempo during this humming, once you start feeling itchy or funny sensation in your nose, it’s absolutely normal, in fact, if you don’t feel this sensation in your throat, forehead or cheeks it means you aren’t getting it right so you have to try again.

2.    The Siren

Imagine the sound a convoy or an ambulance makes, now try to imitate that same sound with your voice. Try low then gradually increase your range till you are at the highest note you can possibly go. Once you have mastered singing both high and low notes without stress, then your vocal muscles are in shape and ready to knock out some great beats.

3.    Solfege

Solfege is popularly known as “solfeggio” or “solfa,” is used in music schools to teach music students to sing and hear effectively. It is a system where every note of a scale is given its own syllable.  If you have watched the sound of music, then this should be easy. Try and sing the “Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do” beginning from middle C, sing through the solfege scale starting from up and down while you listen to each pitch.

Try this without any musical instrument, acapella style as this will train your ears too.

These vocal exercises have been tested, tried and trusted by world-class musicians and voice coach and they will help you sing better tremendously. Dedicate 10 minutes of your time daily, working out your vocal cords.

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