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The phrase, “Beyond your reach” is now a lie

CeFlix Tunes is bringing the world right within your finger tips with sound difference.

It’s no secret that there has been an increase in the number of online music streaming platforms out there with lots of features catering to the many interests of music fans and artists. Many of these streaming services have not been a top choice for audiophiles over the years. The story is changing and the change is coming from the gospel music ministry and industry.

CeFlix Tunes is not slacking in its promise to delivering a sound difference as it has just increased the tempo a notch or two, by delivering a well-balanced and satisfying sound in a very comfortable form, for every Gospel music artists and music lovers out there.

Good Music is satisfying

Hungry for good music, then CeFlix Tunes is the right place to come and have a feel of a solid musical experience, hot and always available to get you up on your feet and moving your body.

CeFlix Tunes delivers exceptional sound in a comfortable and user-friendly App design that unifies all generations and genres in one space.

Sell your music on CeFlix Tunes and get paid with no hassles or fear of privacy as the App got you covered.

You won’t find an app filled with adverts, restrictions, and costs that might be daunting to use. CeFlix Tunes provides a home for great sound with features that will enable you to take your music with you everywhere you go.

Boom Boom Boom!

The app comes as a complete package, with extra features even on the free mode, like unlimited skips, no shuffle, save for offline listening, buy or download from a solid curated playlist tailored for your listening pleasure, in a nutshell, you get premium service even for free on the CeFlix Tunes app. Unbelievable right?

Get so much more on the premium plan, I mean if you can get so much service free, just imagine what you can gain as a paid plan user or artist.

For most music fans, the problem with most of the top streaming sites is that they aren’t focused on the artists and fans but their focus is on the music, which isn’t too bad since music is the currency that these streaming platforms understand. Nevertheless, the gap and disconnect can be frustrating, because, when the focus is not just on the sound but the listener, it helps drive a stronger relationship and partnership while fostering a deeper engagement with other music lovers, paving a way to discover new songs and artists.

CeFlix Tunes focuses equal attention to the music and the artists/fans, offering a home where you can share your musical tastes with others in a fun way and discover new music trends and new friends. Our select curated playlists leaves you feeling at home and brings you a sound closer to your dreams and career.  The different packages and premium services offers artists an opportunity to interact more with other music artists by staying up-to-date with the latest music and trending songs and get paid for their music.

What an app!!!

Premium Music at your fingertips for just a token!

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The CeFlix Tunes app is available for all android devices in the Google Play Store and iOS users worldwide.