Silver Artist

As an artist, when you register on the CeFlix Tunes platform you come in automatically in the silver category. This package is open for all undiscovered, newly signed and young gospel music artists who wish to push their musical career farther and gain more popularity with their brand. This is the entry level for artists and CeFlix Tunes is pleased to work with artists in this category to grow their career and influence the world with Gospel music. For your premium content, CeFlix Tunes pays the artists in this category.

Gold Artist

Artists in the gold category are endorsed by the CeFlix Tunes platforms. They are our ambassadors who work for us to take our brand and influence to the next level. As an endorsed artist under the CeFlix Tunes brand, you enjoy certain privileges other categories don’t offer in terms of higher earnings than the silver category and flexible cashout plus other attractive deals depending on the level of partnership signed and agreed upon by the artist and the CeFlix Tunes brand.

Diamond Artist

Artists in the Diamond category are the cream of the Gospel music industry. This elite package offers a much higher earning rate than the other categories due to the influence and popularity the artists’ wield. Cashout in this category is dependent on the reach and influence of the artist and it is negotiable from N2/stream and above.